Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Daily Green Smoothie Blend

Hello Green Smoothie Drinkers

and Beginners

Today I have a couple of pictures of my simple yet tasty Green Smoothie blend that I enjoyed just this beautiful morning. They are after and before pictures since I had a challenge uploading my pictures this morning in the format I wanted.

The picture on the right is what my green smoothie consisted of this morning minus the blueberries. I decided to use them tomorrow and keep today's blend real simple. Here is what you see:

3 Bananas
1 full basket of Strawberries (Tops included, the more greens the better!)
1 whole head of Romaine Lettuce
20 ounces of water (Since I am sharing this with my wife)

That's it. I think it takes my super power Blend Tec blender about 2o seconds to blend it all up.
Then you can see the results in the left picture which ends up being about 50 ounces of a yummy smooth and nutritious green smoothie that will give you more greens than most people get in a week.

I get the big glass about 35 ounces and my wife the smaller which is about 15 ounces. We both really love them and feel so good drinking them every day.

I hope you are inspired to take a look at where I have put all kinds of information together for you to get started drinking these amazing green smoothies.
You will love what they do for your health!

Until Next time,

May you be healthy and full of energy!


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