Tuesday, February 5, 2008

So as you can tell, I'm pretty hot on these Green Smoothies. I've had such awesome results from drinking them that I feel like I want to tell the world as much as I can about them. So I've created a site at www.TheGreenSmoothie.com

Today I just want to say something about all the sugar I see people feeding there kids and how it frustrates me. I grew up devouring sugar any chance I could get, feeling crappy, not being able to keep focussed in school, or stay awake for that matter, and finding it very hard to stop eating sugar later on in life.

I want to encourage parents to not fall prey to the mass media marketing blitz to get your kids to eat as much sugar as they can and find some strength inside to create the will power to find a healthy alternative. You will only better your life and the lives of your children if you can find it in your power to do so.

Processed sugar will slow you and your kids down in the long run, totally screw up their systems, making them crazy and hyper one minute and lethargic the next and all for what, just for a moment of fleeting pleasure or to appease a screaming brat that is already addicted to the stuff.
Do yourself a favor, learn about Green Smoothies, start drinking them, let you and your kids addicted systems heal naturally and watch your life come into ballance. It's really not that difficult.

Once you get some healthy strenghth and personal will power back by feeding yours and your childrens bodies real nutrients, you will wish you hadn't waited so long to add this simple drink to your life.

Give Green Smoothies a try, you'll then understand my passion and desire to share something so life changing and so easy!


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